Shrimp Grader – Colour Sorting System


The product would be loaded into a reception hopper and be transported via an elevator belt to a vibratory splitting chute and an associated 30 lane regimenting vibratory deck.

The deck would be fitted with an interchangeable plastic scalloped bed that would both guide and allow the product to migrate to the bottom of the scalloped section as it is conveyed along the unit. As the product nears the discharge of the same the bed would fall away forming a parabola forcing the product to separate and start the necessary free fall prior to triggering the individual lanes covered by the camera system.

As each piece of product reaches the free fall state, the camera system segment covering that particular lane would be triggered. The subject of the triggering would then be scanned and identified by its colour. Vertical side guides would constrain any tumbling product and negate any possible contact with adjacent falling product. The programmed trigger to reject timer would energise a solenoid to release a reject air pulse forcing the selected piece out of its free fall state and into a separate discharge chute. Both chutes would discharge onto distinct and regimented lanes on the inspection belt.