Confectionary, Bakery & Other


Polar Systems have a wide range of machinery that can be used across many applications. Some of these machines include continuous enrobing systems and continuous chilling units.

The Enrobing systems are both designed and built to suit the customer’s most exacting requirements. Specialised enrobing systems can be built with heated and jacketed holding tanks, integral filters and adjustable motorised hold down assemblies. Such arrangements can provide a variable liquid level for partial enrobing.

Modular constructed continuous air chilling units can be designed to suit individual customer plant layouts. The tunnels can be supplied with a wide range of product transport belts. The design allows easy operator access to the evaporator coil and fan sets to meet the most demanding hygiene requirements.

Polar have also designed and manufactured batter mixing units, coating and tumbling drums and continuous drinks chilling for the food processing industry.

Polar Systems Bakery Processing Line - Bread Slicing
Polar Systems Continuous Chilling Equipment - Vodka Chilling
Polar Systems Food Processing Equipment