Snacks, pop-corn & nuts



Polar systems are leading the way in the design and fabrication of popcorn processing equipment. The line features a feeding system into a large popping kettle. Popcorn is then transported to a grader where fines are separated and removed and a flavouring system before feeding to your bagging equipment.

The popcorn units are capable of handling upwards of 100kg/hour.

Pistachio & peanuts

Polar systems are no strangers when it comes to design and innovation and the new rotary roasting equipment for pistachio’s is the latest in high quality, stainless steel food processing equipment. The line features a raw-product in-take, a flow metering system, brining, salting and roasting. The 3.5m x 2m rotary roaster is the unique feature of this system.

The rotary roaster is capable of handling 2 1/2 tonnes/hour.

As well as the pistachio nuts Polar Systems also provide peanut processing equipment including grading systems, coating, roasters and enrobing.


Polar Systems Popcorn Processing Line
Polar Systems Pistachio Rotary Roaster