Crab Processing


Processing Line

The Polar range of crab processing equipment has been continually developed since 1988 when the first continuous crab cooking unit was built. Since that time the range of equipment for the industry has grown to include continuous killing, cooking, washing and, our most recent innovation, leg/claw blowing systems. All our equipment is available individually or as a complete turn-key crab processing line designed to meet your requirements.

Humane Crab Killing – Continuous Electrocution Unit

Polar crab killing machines are designed as a humane alternative to the stabbing and drowning methods normally utilised to kill crabs prior to cooking by applying a suitable current through the body of the crab. The units feature a manual loading section on which it is transported into the electrocution section where crabs are subjected to several live flexible contactors enhanced by an applied saline solution.

The units are capable of handling 3000 – 4000 kg per hour.

Polar Systems Crab Processing Line
Polar Systems Crab Electrocution Unit
Polar Systems Crab Claw Blower Unit